Trench Crusade: Communicant anti-tank hunter

Created by James Sherriff

32mm grimdark miniatures set in the horrors of the Trench Crusade. Important note: * THE PRE-ORDER STORE IS NOW CLOSED

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Estimated timeline
over 1 year ago – Wed, Aug 10, 2022 at 01:16:08 AM

Salutations skin-coated meat walkers!

I hope you are all well and ready for deployment. Apparently the Cardinal wants another million sacrifices to send over the top. Did I say sacrifices? Sorry, I meant heroic pilgrims who will be safely ensconced within heavily armoured tracked vehicles that have been blessed to withstand anything the heretics can throw at us. Honest. 

Just a quick update with an **estimated** timeline. I must stress that this is only an estimate right now, but we wanted to give you a rough idea of what to expect, including a brief explanation of each stage. Due to the nature of the beast, sometimes things aren't always straightforward and delays can happen for a number of reasons. But we will of course keep you abreast of developments throughout the entire process!

As you can see below, the month for completion has moved back to May/June '23. This is basically because:

  • I now have to sculpt multiple stretch goals
  • Due to the huge number of backers (huzzah!), moulding and casting will take longer

This timeline is subject to change, but it is our current best estimate given the information we have to hand regarding production and fulfilment. We will, of course, attempt to get everything done sooner if possible, but the focus will always be on quality over speed. :) 

Any questions, fire away!



Estimated timeline.

Pledge manager update #1
over 1 year ago – Sat, Aug 06, 2022 at 10:52:02 AM

Salutations fellow meat sacks! I hope you are all enjoying your week. Here are your deployment orders...

In this update:

  1. BackerKit survey/pledge manager
  2. Sculpting stretch goals
  3. Future updates

BackerKit Pledge Manager Survey update

Right now I am building the BackerKit survey, setting up items and the pre-order store. The survey will go out to all backers, where you will be able to answer some simple questions relating to your pledge.

Also, I am going back and forth with two fulfilment companies, trying to fine-tune costs based upon countries/regions, SKU* weights and package sizes. I am also meeting tomorrow with a very fine fellow indeed regarding North America distribution. Basically, I’m trying to make as many deliveries custom’s friendly and as cheap as possible for all you wonderful people!

BackerKit actually recommend waiting 14 days after the campaign has ended to send surveys. This is how long backers have to correct any failed payments on Kickstarter, and how long it takes Kickstarter to disburse campaign funds to us.

  • BackerKit survey will be sent out 15th August 2022
  • You will then be able to: supply/change address, add any add-ons etc.
  • Please remember that shipping will be charged later, closer to when we are ready to ship

When we do charge for shipping, it will be done by weight, meaning that you will get the cheapest possible combined shipping rate!

Don’t worry, we will be here every step of the way, posting updates and answering questions. We understand not everyone has backed a Kickstarter or used a pledge manager before, so we will keep everything as straightforward as possible. Also, BackerKit will be available to answer questions in the pledge manager itself, with any tickets they can’t answer being forwarded directly to us.


My wrist is slowly getting better, with an increasing range of movement (and less pain) with each passing day. The Cardinal is hoping to chain me to the sculpting desk within the next week, although there is a combat medic lurking just outside my cell, waving her bone saw back and forth and whistling in a discouraging manner...

Future updates

Finally a heads up on future updates. Throughout the campaign, it is considered important (and polite!) to post updates as regularly as every day or two. Once the campaign is over, updates become a little less frequent for a number of reasons (not least of which being the fact that there is so much to do).

We aim to continue posting updates on the important stuff, plus anything else we feel you may be interested in - sculpting, production, fulfilment etc. - as frequently as we can, although sometimes it may be a week or more between updates the further down the line (and the closer to fulfilment) we get.

Just want to manage expectations a little/assure you that we will not be constantly spamming your inbox. ;)



* SKU - a Stock Keeping Unit. Basically ‘Communicant’ is an SKU, ‘Trench Pilgrim’ is an SKU etc.

New Antioch Shock Troopers. This looks like it may be a last stand...

The Cardinal of Malady is up and dancing on the table!
over 1 year ago – Mon, Aug 01, 2022 at 11:42:19 PM

"Woohoo!" said the Cardinal. Never.

Well, we’ve done it! And it’s thanks to all 1908 of you making the pilgrimage. An absolutely gargantuan thank you from both of us to each and every one of you! Thank you for believing in us and the Trench Crusade. This is only the beginning...

So, as the dust settles upon the battlefield and the carrion begin to pick at our corpses, we just want to give you an idea of what will be happening next.

Soon we will be launching the BackerKit pledge manager, and when we have exact timings and details for that, we will explain all in an update. Also in the coming weeks, we'll have updates on sculpting the stretch goal miniatures (when James’s wrist gets better - please see last update), the development process (mould making and casting), as well as information regarding fulfilment and shipping fees.

Like we’ve said a few times now, this is only the beginning. There is a big fulfilment journey ahead, but we will be providing an estimated timeline soon to give you a better idea of the entire process, along with some rough timescales. We look forward to updating you on every step throughout this journey, as well as offering some glimpses into our future plans for the Trench Crusade.

Once again, a massive thank you to each and every one of you! The cardinal is pleased. Plenty of fresh meat for the grinder.

All the best!
Mike & James

24 hours to go!
over 1 year ago – Mon, Aug 01, 2022 at 11:40:37 PM

Only 24 hours to go! Plus England have just been crowned European Champions! (Sorry, had to get that one in there - great game Germany, very well played). :)

This is going to be a brief update I’m afraid, since I am typing with one functioning hand...

So, as some of you will have seen from the past two updates, I’ve been busy sculpting the combat medic. But then I foolishly injured my wrist when playing catch with my son! I was attempting a diving catch, temporarily forgetting I am 44 years old and cannot defy gravity as once I could. What a muppet! [Insert facepalm emoji here]

Pretty sure it's just badly sprained as opposed to broken, but I can't use my left hand for anything right now. That means no sculpting until at least the swelling goes down (hopefully in the next few days)! I must apologise to everyone for my moment of madness. But I will be back sculpting the combat medic ASAP!

Combat Medic's bone saw WIP.

Shipping & BackerKit pledge manager

After the campaign ends, I will be using the backer data Kickstarter provides to work out how many packages will be going to each region/country. This will enable me to get proper, final quotes from the fulfilment centre. I will also be setting up the BackerKit survey ready for anyone who wants to add add-ons, multiple sets, alter pledges etc. This will be coming out soon, and I will keep you all updated regarding this.

Finally, I will be providing a rough timeline in an update very soon. This will give you an idea of what happens next, the various stages building up to fulfilment and estimated timescales. 

Thanks again to everyone for joining us and making this (un)holy pilgrimage a reality!



Sculpting the Combat Medic: Part II
over 1 year ago – Mon, Aug 01, 2022 at 12:32:58 PM

Good day to you, fellow pilgrims! 

Yesterday I shared an update showing the initial stages of sculpting the Combat Medic. If you missed that, and want to see how I sculpt miniatures from the very beginning, then I really recommend checking that update out first. :)

Ok, so after making the armature we now need to pose it! In the next image, you will see the basic pose of the Combat Medic. I gradually and gently bend the copper wire with a pair of long-nose (needle-nose) pliers, using a 15cm (6 inch) steel rule to check the proportions as I go. I also make sure I have plenty of reference images to hand, including the female skeleton and anatomical photographs/drawings. This all helps to get the proportions and 'weight' of the post right, which is vital at this scale when you want to convey what the miniature might be doing. I cannot overstate how important it is to study anatomy if you want to sculpt!

Once I'm happy with the pose, I stick it into a champagne cork. I like to shave the top of the cork at an angle (which may be a bit difficult to see in this photo) in order to be able to make life easier when sculpting the lower sections, since I can angle my tools upwards from beneath (if that makes sense)!

The basic pose. Ignore the flappy arms - I just need to keep those out of the way to make it easier to access the torso.

Now that we have our pose, it's time to start blocking out some very simple anatomy! In the photo below, I have placed some very basic muscle shapes on the legs, just to get the overall structure/form. Since we won't be seeing the legs beneath the skirt, we don't need to make them any more refined than this. If I was sculpting bare legs, or tight-fitting clothing, then I would obviously make these more anatomically accurate and smooth them out.

Next step: very basic leg musculature. I don't need to be too refined about the legs, since they will be hidden beneath the skirt of her robes. I do, however, need the basic form so the skirt flows correctly.

Next up is making a proper head/skull shape, which you can see below. Once again, since her face will be covered, I do not need to add the usual facial details. All I have done is make sure I have a clear forehead, correctly positioned the eyes and can see where the centreline is (shown by a very faint vertical ridge running from the nose to the chin). I've also bulked out the ribcage a bit more, in preparation for the next step: making a basic torso.

Here I've made a proper head shape and started gradually building up the torso. Also, I have now filled the gap between the legs, ready for the putty for the skirt to be added over the top.

The final step in today's sculpting update is making a basic torso. This shape is important, since we need to know exactly where the clothes/armour will go and how it will hang. The hips and pectoral muscles are defined with simple shapes, so I know where and how I will be attaching the next layer of putty.

And here we are with the basic structure of the torso filled out. Now I have hips, I can see where the skirt will be hanging from, and where the armour will start and end. It's all about building up in layers, with each layer informing what will happen with the subsequent layer.

In the third sculpting update, I will be moving on to show the skirt and armour, since we are now ready to add those elements. I am happy with the basic frame that we now have and can really start to move on to proper details.

See you in the next update!